PROGRAM Policies and FAQ's

Please read each section thoroughly. You may email if you have any questions regarding policies. A PDF copy of Wild Roots Outdoor Play's Program Policies will be included in your registration to review, initial and sign.

What ages does the program serve?

All programs offered through Wild Roots Outdoor Play are designed for young children, ages 1-8 approximately. Each class/program will vary slightly in it’s ideal age range (see below).

Caregiver must be present with their child(ren) for the entire duration of the class. Younger and/or Older children are also welcome to join if you feel they will benefit from the class. Infants who will not be participating are welcome to tag along with older siblings at no additional cost.

Music and Movement is designed primarily for ages 1-3, Story-time is ideal for preschool ages 2-5, and Tinkergarten provides the widest age range from 18 months – 8 years. There is plenty of flexibility to these age ranges, depending on your child(ren)’s interests, abilities, and developmental level. Please be sure to read through our schedule for details on each class and planned activities to determine whether our plans for the day will work for your child(ren), and email me directly if you have any additional questions. Enrollment and Participation is ultimately up to the parents discretion.

What can I expect when attending?

At Story-time in the Park… You can expect a developmentally appropriate and engaging story, where children are invited in to the story as much as possible. This experience is about them, and we want to hear their ideas and provoke their thinking as much as we want to tell a good story.

Expect to get a bit messy! Whether it's with paint, mud, play dough, or something else... we aim to offer materials and experiences that engage the senses and encourage children to explore different ways to use them while processing and re-telling the story.

At Music and Movement in the Park… you can expect toddler friendly songs, music, and many opportunities for your little ones to move, developing both fine and gross motor skills through fingerplays, dance, and the use of scarves, ribbons, and/or instruments.

At Tinkergarten… you can expect a combination of all of the above and then some! At Tinkergarten creatures are our teachers and we learn about ourselves by learning about the world around us! Classes are filled with hands on exploration, lots of gross motor play and movement, opportunities for creative thinking, and always with a focus on one of Tinkergarten 8 core concepts to build happy, healthy and resilient children!

At Wild Roots Outdoor Play, children’s experience and learning process will (almost) always be our primary focus, and this will take precedence over a finished product. There may be times when children will have a finished ‘product’ to take home, and other times there may not.

How much do classes cost? Are there any discounts offered?

New to Wild Roots Outdoor Play? Your first class is always free! Free trial classes are also offered on occasional and available to all new and returning families.

Prices range from approximately $10-$25 per child, per class. Classes may be purchased in discounted packages or individually. Prices vary depending on which program you are enrolling in (see class page and registration form for specific and current pricing). Payment MUST be received prior to class start time to reserve your space.

If enrolling more than 1 child, additional children will receive a 15% discount.

5% enrollment discount added when enrolling in Two or more class packages; each class package must be at least 4 classes. Not applicable for purchasing individual classes.

Be sure to follow @wildrootsoutdoorplay and join our email list for updates on seasonal discounts, promotions, or free pop-ups where you may also receive a discount for future seasons/classes.

Are refunds or credits offered for missed classes?

For individually purchased classes: A refund or credit for a future class is offered ONLY if requested by email at least 48 hours prior to class beginning. Refunds and credits are NOT offered for classes missed by families without 48 hours notice. Materials are purchased and prepared in advance and last minute cancellations cannot be refunded or credited. Credit for a future class MUST be used within the same season/session that it is requested. Refunds will incur a $5 fee for processing.

For class packages (4 or more classes): A full refund (minus $5 processing fee) must be requested one week prior to the season beginning. For refunds requested less than one week prior to the season beginning, or after it has already began, you will receive a refund of 50% of the classes remaining from your purchased package minus a $5 processing fee.

If any class needs to be cancelled by the teacher, all efforts will be made by Wild Roots Outdoor Play to schedule a make-up class. In the event a class is not rescheduled, parents will be given the option to receive a credit for another class or a full refund. Please know, I do my very best to adhere to the schedule and ensure all our classes operate as planned.

If a credit is requested within the designated time frame, it must be used within the same season it is requested. Class Credits will not transfer to a new season.

Minimum enrollment for each class is Four Children. Classes that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements will be cancelled and fully refunded. Parents will be notified by email.

What happens in inclement weather?

Decisions about whether it is safe to hold class are determined by the teacher using local weather guidance. The teacher will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by email ONLY if the session will be cancelled/rescheduled. If it is determined unsafe and a session needs to be cancelled/rescheduled, the session will be offered at another time the same week whenever possible.

Please know, it is part of both Tinkergarten’s and Wild Roots Outdoor Play’s outdoor learning philosophy to play and learn in all weather conditions, so long as they as safe. For me specifically, it is important to share with children that JOY can be found even on cold or wet days! I strongly advise parents to check local weather reports and dress appropriately for the weather.

What should we bring to class?

For each class, please be sure to bring the following:

If it’s your first class with Wild Roots Outdoor Play (or first class of the year) you should also bring your signed liability waiver and your signed copy of Wild Roots Outdoor Play’s Program Policies if you have not already submitted them.

What is the Parent/Caregiver's Role?

The number one role that Caregivers play during any of our classes is a Role Model! Guide your child by modeling excitement, wonder, and exploration through your actions, facial expressions, language and tone of voice. 

Once you see your child safely exploring/participating, feel free to take a (small) step back and observe their independently led play! Notice their excitement, their focus, perhaps an attempt at problem solving; they often have a way of surprising us. As much as possible, we want to FOLLOW children’s lead, and support their explorations as needed.

This balance between modeling and observing can vary greatly depending on the developmental level of your child. You are ALWAYS more than welcome to ask questions. I am happy to share insight and help equip parent's in a way that increases their connection with their child while simultaneously building their confidence as a parent.

I never expect Parent's to force their child's participation in any activity or experience; we want the child to feel safe to explore in their own way, and to know that we (adults) honor their limits and boundaries. A child who feels safe is more likely to venture out, try new things, and feel confident in doing so.

With that said, please keep safety in mind! We have THREE very important Rules in all of our programs:

Check back often and follow @wildrootsoutdoorplay on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated as more classes, Pop-Ups, Play Dates and Free Events are added to our Schedule!